Paris Adventures Pt. 21 – Dinner at Michael’s

Dat title (get the HIMYM reference?).

Anyway.  I didn’t have much planned for this day, so I decided to go and help out my friends Michael and Joe prepare food for dinner at Michael’s!

He had a lot of stuff on the menu – so he had quite a lot of stuff to do.

Michael and Joe hard at work!

Michael and Joe hard at work!

The boys (me included) at work! – photocred: Veronica

The boys (me included) at work!  My arm looks weird here. – photocred: Veronica

He had a chicken stock already cooking when I got there, so we got started on making the clarification for the stock.  Cue lots of chopping action and mashing action – we used onions, leeks, chicken, egg whites (and I think that’s about it).  Put it into the cooled stock and brought it up slowly in temperature and clarified.  Putting techniques learned at school to good use!

We used the consommé to cook “wontons” (which I wrapped!).  It was pretty simple, literally just shrimp in wonton skin, cut with a wrapper.

Before cooking (my handiwork!)

Before cooking (my handiwork!)

After a quick poaching and plating:



2014-05-18 21.01.51


This was actually a really good, simple recipe – we didn’t even need to salt the wontons but they were full of flavor.  Clearly, my opinion is biased though, because I played a huge role in this dish 🙂

We also peeled some asparagus (not very well, mind you), for the entrée (starter) dish, which was asparagus cooked à l’anglaise with a modified Sauce Maltaise (Sauce Hollandaise with Blood Orange instead of Lemon… except we didn’t use blood oranges, just regular orange juice).

Asperges cuits à l'anglaise, Sauce Maltaise

Asperges cuits à l’anglaise, Sauce Maltaise

The next course was a protein!  I played no part in the making of this dish, actually – he had woken up earlier that morning and starting cooking the pork at a friend’s oven because his was too small/not good enough.

2014-05-18 21.42.38 2014-05-18 21.48.38

This was really good.  Super greasy.  Super crunchy. Therefore, super good.  One piece was regular unsalted pork belly, the other was demi-sel.  Very different textures, but both were delicious.

We had two proteins for dinner: Pork belly and steak, cooked a perfect medium-rare (thanks to Michel!)

Tenderloin steak with sweetbreads

Tenderloin steak with sweetbreads

The sweetbreads weren’t as good as I thought they would be, but it’s probably more a matter of us not knowing how to properly cook it than anything.

There was also a seafood pasta planned, but by this point everyone was pretty full, so we just jumped to dessert – panna cotta, served with a balsamic glaze.  It was delicious but there was a bit too much rosemary.

The night of course, wasn’t all just about food – we sampled a lot of different wines, and in order to air out the wine more quickly we used a china cap sieve and a decanter (I use the term decanter loosely – you’ll see why)

The best decanter in ever – actually worked

The best decanter in ever – actually worked

Overall, a day well spent.  Can’t believe my time in Paris is almost up..


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