Le Cordon Bleu Intermediate: Chotten de Lotte au Lard et Artichauts Braisés/Monkfish wrapped in bacon with braised artichokes

This dish went more smoothly than expected – it seemed a lot more complicated than it actually was because we had 2 recipes.  Actually, I just like to think that I’m getting better and better at organizing my time.

This went fairly well.  In terms of taste, everything was good – the jus was good (a “true” jus done with just water!).  The broccoli was a little bit overcooked, and the monkfish was “à la limite.”  Seasoning was good, and personally I really liked this dish (aside from how annoying it is to skin monkfish and how smelly it is).

I also messed up the plating a bit with the artichokes, just kinda got lazy.  Should’ve stacked them up for more volume.

Chotten de Lotte au Lard

Chotten de Lotte au Lard, Artichauts Braisés, Pannequets de Brocolis et Chou Fleur




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