Le Cordon Bleu Intermediate: Bouillabaisse!

So you may (or may not, actually) have noticed that I skipped lesson and 19 and 20.  They’re kind of funny (read: stupid) stories.

Lesson 19, I completely missed.  Of course I have the recipe typed up and everything (I usually do that before class and update it when I post it up here), but long story short: I thought I had class at 3:30PM instead of 8:30AM, so I woke up at 8:30 and went to the gym.  Stupidest thing is that I was awake while class was going on… just misread my schedule.

Lesson 20, I basically finished, but our chef wouldn’t let us plate our dishes after 2.5 hours.  I only needed 5 more minutes to finish everything: cooking of the rabbit, reduction of the sauce, and plating, but the superior assistants were already rushing around trying to prepare for the next class while we were still cooking, and our chef was just kinda like “just leave.”

Lesson 21, on the other hand, went pretty well!  There was a lot of cutting (julienne) to do, which was really annoying, especially with fennel (you have to half each layer before slicing it), but aside from that (and all the fish we had to gut and clean and prep). the dish was relatively simple.  The chef said that the taste was good, and the St. Pierre was well cooked, but the scorpion fish was undercooked, because it’s a very thick fish (I still blame this on the demo: the chef just put the fish on boiling soup and took it off heat and said it was done).  I also put a bit too much soup in the plate for a more “beautiful” plating.  It tasted good – at least better than what the chef in demo did.

Filets de Rascasse et Saint Pierre en Bouillabaisse

Filets de Rascasse et Saint Pierre en Bouillabaisse



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