Le Cordon Bleu Intermediate: Chou Farci Braisé/Braised Stuffed Cabbage

Overall this dish went really well.  I finished really quickly (actually, I finished first!  Woohoo!), just felt on the ball and organized.  It helps that the dish wasn’t very complicated either. Plating was decent, the cooking was good, although the sauce tasted too much like veal stock (I should have put some pork into the reduction of the braising liquid), and the stuffed cabbage could’ve used a little bit more pepper.  I thought it tasted pretty good, especially since I added a dash of Cognac in the stuffing, but to each his (or her) own.  Vegetables were well cooked and nicely rolled in butter.  The cabbage compoter wasn’t a compoter – I intentionally made it crunchy because I didn’t want a plate where everything was soft and mushy, but the chef told me to stick to demo 😦

Chou Farci Braisé

Chou Farci Braisé



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