Paris Adventures Pt. 15 – The Color Run!

After literally sitting in front of the computer incessantly refreshing the page for 15 minutes, we finally got tickets to the happiest 5k in the world: the first ever Color Run in France!

We were 8 in total, but one person (who lost her phone the night before after partying too hard) couldn’t be contacted and didn’t show up.  Either way, we were pumped up and ready to go with our “The Color Run” tshirts and headbands!

Before the run! Kay is hidden…

After waiting in an enormous line for over half an hour,  we were finally off!  James and I decided to sprint (actually sprint), like idiots, the first 500 meters or so, before we hit a tunnel and decided to slow it (we were catching up to the previous group).

The first color was yellow!  We didn’t stop and wait, so there are no pictures.  After the second color, green, there was a mirror so James and I decided to take a selfie.

2014-04-13 13.09.56

Because who doesn’t like a good mirror selfie

There isn’t really much to say.  The run itself was easy enough, and nobody was really taking it seriously – it’s not the point of the run – so we kept stopping and chatting.  There were some playgrounds/monkey bars along the river, so we also played aroudn on those.  The colors went Yellow-Green-Blue-Pink, but we didn’t really take any pictures until after pink, when we thought that the run was over.

After all for colors! (Not sure who the random French girl is, she just jumped into our photo!)

The final kilometer was beautiful: we crossed the Seine, and as we ran we approached the Eiffel Tower as tourists stared at the bizarre assortment of people covered in color running along the river.

2014-04-13 13.32.28

And after that the run was over!  There was a huge music party thing and a LOT of people, so while our friends left early for lunch, James and I stood around for a little while (read: ~2 hours), got ourselves even more colorful and had fun.

We met up with our friends a while later and got on the metro, where I got a lot of stares.  Imagine seeing two guys like this:

2014-04-13 15.35.38


Sitting next to you on the metro.  Kinda scary.

All in all: a great experience.  Personally I felt that it wasn’t that well organized: pretty much anyone could’ve gotten into the run, they didn’t even check our tickets/ID, so I’m not sure the 35 euros was really necessary, but we got a nice quality shirt and sunglasses out of it and a great experience.  Another thing was the commercials, because being bombarded with logos the whole time while wearing a shirt with a huge “LIPTON” on the back just isn’t that pleasant of a feeling.

Would I do it again, though?  For sure.  Probably not in Paris, because I think once per city is enough, but maybe in the US, or even in Shanghai (which I hear is happening soon!)




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