Le Cordon Bleu Intermediate: Truite Farcie Aux Morillles et Braisée au Riesling/Trout stuffed with morel mushrooms and braised in Riesling wine

This recipe is really good – to0 bad I kinda messed it up :(.   Everything actually tasted really good: the sauce tasted good, but I should have mixed it with the morel cream (instead of serving it separately as I did) because it would’ve looked better.  The seasoning on everything was good, except there was too much pepper on the fish filets.  Apparently, pepper is only good as long as you can’t taste it (?? I didn’t dare ask what the point of the pepper was if you couldn’t taste it).  My carrots were glazed brown instead of white (read: I accidentally burned them, oops!).

And my filet knife needs sharpening.

2014-04-18 14.59.37

Truite Farcie Aux Morilles et Braisée au Riesling




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