Le Cordon Bleu Intermediate: Magret de Canard à La Bordelaise/Bordeaux-style duck breast

This recipe was super easy – took about 1.5 hours – and it turned out quite well.  The only problem was that I undercooked the duck (my pan was really hot so I assumed that the fact that it was colored meant it was done.. big mistake), but apart from that everything was good.  The sauce was amazing (I mean, it’s a sauce bordelaise, come on…), and the garnish was well seasoned.  The fondant potatoes were well seasoned as well, but could’ve used a bit more butter.

Oh and, just by the way, we also had some Australian TV crew filming our class.  I’m not sure what channel they were for, exactly, but it was pretty cool.  Maybe one day you’ll all see me chopping onions on a TV show about le Cordon Bleu! 😀

Magret de Canard à la Bordelaise

Magret de Canard à la Bordelaise.  A classic, simple recipe that tastes amazing.




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