Le Cordon Bleu Intermediate: Homard à l’americaine, Riz au Raisins/Lobster “à l’americaine”, Rice with raisins

I was so excited to do this dish.  I’ve never actually cooked lobster before but I love eating crustaceans in general (hairy crab?  yes please.)  It also made me very good at taking the lobster apart.

Things didn’t go too well, because I have a tendency to slow down towards the end once I have everything in place (partly because I like letting flavors infuse into my stock/sauce for longer, partly because I get too relaxed).  The doneness of the lobster was awesome, but since I had to rush at the very end my sauce needed to be a bit more reduced.  My rice was a bit dry (only because I plated it too far in advance because I thought the sauce would be ready sooner, though).  The flavors were amazing.

I brought this home to my friends, along with an extra half lobster and 2 seared salmon filets, and I must admit it was pretty good. 🙂  I didn’t get a picture of that mini welcoming feast, though.

Homard à L'americaine, Riz au raisins

Homard à L’americaine, Riz au raisins

Plating, as you can see, wasn’t ideal because the sauce was too liquid.  But eh.   It was good.  I’d rather make delicious dishes that didn’t look so great than beautiful dishes that tasted horrible.




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