Some quick updates

Sorry for the huge lack of posts lately!  I’ve been really busy having friends over and everything, so here are some quick updates:

  • Culinary school is going great, although the lack of sleep recently is getting to me and I’m not too focused in the kitchen
  • Speaking of lack of sleep, my mother and brother visited me two weeks ago, and two of my friends, James and Kay, visited last week (they just left – Kay is sti ll in Paris though).  Going to get back on a regular schedule and (hopefully) getting enough sleep.
  • I will be updating my blog – primarily food posts, although I do have a post on cité chaillot that is looong overdue, and one more post on the Color Run, which was just 2 days ago – soon!
  • I finished my second cycle of Jonnie Candito’s 6-week program, and haven’t been seeing results that I wanted to, so I’m switching to Smolov Jr. for squat and bench, with one set of pullups per set of bench to keep my shoulders healthy.  I plan on doing one cycle, seeing my results, and then going on some kind of 5×5 or a power bodybuilding routine.
  • I’ve also started tracking my macros.  Got a scale for 10 euros and am excited to use myfitnesspal and finally keep track of my calories!  Currently on a mini cut (-0.25kg/week) with 35/35/30 for p/f/c, at around 2500 calories/day.  We’ll see how it works, but I’ll probably lose more weight because Smolov is much harder than Candito’s program.
  • And finally, the big news: I decided to commit to Brown University!  I guess I’ll be spending my next four years in Providence (barring any years abroad/stuff).  What ultimately made me pick Brown over Imperial College London was a variety of factors:
  1. Brown offers the open curriculum, which allows me more flexibility in discovering what it is I truly want to do, because as much as I like engineering, I’m not 100% sure that I want to study it, which I’ll be forced to do at Imperial.  Basically, the biggest factor for me was the decision between the British and the American curriculum.
  2. I want to have a physical campus where everybody goes to the same school.  Imperial is like NYU – where the city IS the campus, and although London is an incredible city, I personally think that living in a place where the vast majority of people are students helps foster a much better learning environment.  It also increases school spirit.
  3. Since Brown isn’t a science-only school, the people I meet there are bound to be more interesting in the sense that they will have interests that differ greatly from mine.  I will meet engineers at both places, but at Imperial it’s unlikely that I’ll find an English major, or an economics major, or a psychology major, or a philosophy major, etc. etc. By going to Brown, even though I get a bachelor’s in 4 years (vs. a Master’s from Imperial), I think that I will become a much more well-rounded, more thoughtful person that isn’t purely stuck in the realm of engineering.

I think that that’s about it!  Michel is making sushi tonight, apparently, so I’m going to his place around 8 to see if he’s as good as he says.  Maybe I’ll blog about that, too, but I have some catching up to do first 🙂

Have a great day! 🙂


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