Le Cordon Bleu Intermediate: Rouget Barbet servi entier, gratiné à la tapenade d’olives noires, royale d’oignons, une sauce à l’anis étoilé et persil/Red Mullet served whole with a black olive tapenade gratin, savory onion “royal” custard, star anis and Parsley Sauce

This was pretty bad, not just because we were working in a different kitchen and it was an 8:30 class, but also because things got pretty messy (and I don’t think red mullet tastes very good, at least not the way we cooked it).

An aside: this my 50th post on this blog!  woohoo!

Anyway, the chef said the fish was well done, as was the sauce, but he didn’t taste the tapenade because he personally like it.  I’m glad he didn’t check it, because it was pretty terrible – in demo our chef forgot to tell us to blanch the garlic (which you’re supposed to do at least 3 times for this recipe) so it was really really spicy.

Anyway, here it is!

Rouget Barbet servi entier, gratiné à la tapenade d'olives noires

Rouget Barbet servi entier, gratiné à la tapenade d’olives noires

I was originally going to serve a fish that looked a lot better, but as I was taking it out of the oven it broke 😦

We also didn’t get to serve our custards because there was a problem with the oven everyone used, and none of them were cooked on time.  In terms of taste though, it was pretty good (at least I personally think so)

This isn’t a very good recipe, so I don’t really feel the urge to share it… but basically you dress the fish, make the tapenade (olives, garlic, pine nuts, cheese, olive oil), and put them into the fish.  There’s a sauce made of fish bones, fennel, star anise, and of course shallots (to make a stock), and the green color comes from a final blending just before service for greater volume.


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