Le Cordon Bleu Intermediate: Poulet Sauté Basquaise/Basque-style Chicken Sauté

Posts are going to be coming a lot more slowly: my mum got here on Thursday morning, and my brother gets here today, so I’ll be pretty occupied.  I’ll try to keep up with the food posts, at least, because those take the least amount of time 🙂

Wednesday was my first practical as an Intermediate student!  It hadn’t really hit me yet, so when I walked into the kitchen I was still on holiday mode… and it showed.

I was a mess, I burned my sauce (and the garnish, a bit too), but saved it by mixing some cooking liquid from the chicken and a friend’s sauce.  This was aggravated by the fact that my neighbor decided to use my oven without asking me (because he forgot to turn his own one on), and by doing so didn’t leave enough space for me to put my rice in and completely close the door.  My rice ended up being undercooked.  Plating was pretty bad too – I ended having to replate my dish because it looks too terrible! Yikes.

The food itself was okay.  The (fixed) sauce was alright, part of my garnish was burnt, the rice was undercooked, but the meat was ok.  Our class as a whole didn’t even take that long, but the mess I created was ridiculous.  It’s okay though!  I redeemed myself that same night.


Poulet Sauté Basquaise - you can see the original plate behind it

Poulet Sauté Basquaise – you can see the original plate behind it

This dish isn’t overly complicated:



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