Paris Adventures Pt. 13 – La Promenade Plantée/La Coulée Verte

When the weather was amazing (about 3 days ago), I decided to go for a walk in one of the most “natural” parts of Paris – La Promenade Plantée, a several-kilometer-long path along which greenery (is that the word I’m looking for) was planted.  An Austrian friend of mine once told me that if I ever felt the need for nature, to go there.

She was right.  It was probably the most vegetation I had seen in Paris since I had been there.  It wasn’t commercialized at all – I almost didn’t even notice that I was there – the only reason that I even found it was because I had looked up the address beforehand, and because I saw this tiny, unassuming sign.

One of the unassuming entrances of La Promenade Plantée/La Coulée Verte

One of the entrances to La Promenade Plantée/La Coulée Verte

It felt like a great place to just unplug (other than my phone for photos), so I took out my earphones, and simply began walking and enjoying the scenery.

This isn’t really going to be a text-filled post (one of those is on its way, though!) – there really isn’t that much to talk about – I walked about 5 kilometers (just over 3 miles for those of you in the US) in the nature, took some photos of the pretty plants that were everywhere, and cursed myself for not bringing running gear as I saw jogger after jogger run through the path.  It really felt like Spring was on its way.

2014-03-21 16.53.21

My first close-up shot.. ever

2014-03-21 16.53.28

2014-03-21 17.00.36

2014-03-21 17.00.48

Cart of flowers 🙂

2014-03-21 17.09.13

From afar…

and up close!

and up close!

Why go to the gym when I can work out right here?  They had pullup bars too!

Why go to the gym when I can work out right here? They had pullup bars too!

2014-03-21 17.07.43 2014-03-21 17.11.47

2014-03-21 17.13.42 2014-03-21 17.13.57 2014-03-21 17.15.57

2014-03-21 17.17.39

5 kilometers (and just under an hour) later, I felt completely relaxed.  I got onto the metro and headed home.  It’s nice, sometimes, to just go for a walk.


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