Le Cordon Bleu Basic: Magret de Canard à L’Orange

This was the last practical for basic – after that we had one more demo (for which we didn’t have a practical) and then the final exam!  Sorry for the hugely delayed uploads – I was prepping for the exam and all that.

Anyway, that’s for another post.  Back to the duck.  It was awesome to cook one of my favorite French dishes since forever.  I remember sitting in a French restaurant happily munching away on magret de canard while my parents ate their seafood platter (silly me – I didn’t like seafood that much back then).  The duck was well cooked rosé, although the initial temperature was a bit too high so the skin side was a bit burnt.  The seasoning on the duck was good, but the sauce itself was a bit too sweet (maybe I should measure out the recipe next time).

Magret de Canard à l'Orange.

Magret de Canard à l’Orange.

Just a side note – this is a whole magret, which is apparently overkill – usually a whole duck breast is for two people.  I ended up changing the presentation to that of just one duck breast.

It was a bittersweet (just like the sauce was!) practical, because it was probably the last time all 10 of us would be cooking in the same kitchen.  But at least we’ll see most everyone (bye Olga :'() with us in Intermediate!



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