Le Cordon Bleu Basic: Canette Rôtie aux Navets/Roast Duckling with Turnips

Today we made roast duckling – which is pretty greasy, but good.  Served it with glazed and turned radishes, as well as (as always) onions.  We got the intermediate chef who made terrine and is apparently “M. Canard”(Mr. Duck) of the school because he’s very good with ducks and duck meat.  We were in a different room today, so the timing on everything was a bit off: my meat was overcooked because I had to cook it for longer than the allotted time to brown the top (ended up having to put the oven up to 300˚C for browning), and my radish was undercooked, although I think it was because we’ve never cooked radish before so I have no idea how long it’s meant to be cooked for.  At least the sauce was good!  Next time I need to put more salt on the duck’s skin.

Cannette Rôtie aux Navet

Cannette Rôtie aux Navet

Since we didn’t use any herbs, there was nothing to give the duck more color.  Also the chef was waiting for me as I was plating so I didn’t get a pretty picture before he moved the duck and sauce around.  (I just replaced the onion and the radish, haha).


Overall: pretty simple dish, but very easy to screw up on the little details.


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