Le Cordon Bleu Basic: Côtes de Veau Grand-Mère

Last class of the day! I’ve realized that I always do worse when I have the practical right after the demo because usually I write out the recipe again to get everything in order.

This turned out pretty well, except for my jus – it tasted horrible because I burned the glazing process, and added wayy too much wine – I didn’t even serve my own jus, but borrowed my friend’s because the original one I made would have destroyed my dish.

Côtes de Veau Grand-Mère

Côtes de Veau Grand-Mère

I probably should have cut this into slices because it’s a huge piece of meat.  You can’t really tell, but there were some black specks on this from when I burned my garnish.

Cut open...

Cut open…

It was well cooked – rosé, the only way that veal is meant to be cooked!



And thus ended 2/3 of the basic cuisine course, and the longest day at LCB so far!  I don’t understand how the people doing the Grand Diplôme do this on practically a daily basis.


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