Le Cordon Bleu Basic: Blanquette de Veau/Veal Stew

The hardest part about today’s recipe was getting to class before 8:30 AM.  Other than that, this was cake.

I must confess though, I burned my rice because I thought that the stove that I had turned off was cold when it wasn’t.  Besides under-seasoning my rice (and burning it), everything was really good.  The veal was really tender (it was a great piece of meat), and the sauce that it was in was amazing as well.  It’s a really simple recipe that doesn’t require anything special (no special ingredients, no marinades, etc), so I can see myself making more of this without any problems (I just need to keep track of the rice!).  There weren’t even any special techniques/that many things to do, so I’d be really happy to have this as an exam dish.

Blanquette de Veau à L'Ancienne avec Riz Pilafa

Blanquette de Veau à L’Ancienne avec Riz Pilaf

I know, it doesn’t look too amazing or anything, but that’s because a blanquette de veau is supposed to be really white.  The whole dish is supposed to be white (it’s a traditional recipe), even the rice.  At higher levels of cuisine we can garnish it with beetroots and carrots and stuff, but since we’re still in basic we didn’t touch any of that stuff.




I have a lot of veal stew to eat tonight.


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