Le Cordon Bleu Basic – Filets de Barbue Dugléré/Brill fillets in White Wine Sauce

Today was more fish!  Which is good because I’m getting better at it, but not so good because everything I have is starting to smell of fish.

The chef said that everything I made was pretty good – sauce taste + consistency, doneness of fish – except for the potatoes which were, ugh, undercooked again.  I could could have made the presentation quite a bit better, without that awkward chunk of tomato on top of the top piece of fish, but after I messed up the little streak of sauce around the fish I couldn’t be bothered.  The most important thing is the taste, which, if I do say so myself, was really good.

À propos, I finished 3rd today, behind a sushi chef of 16 years that could fillet a fish perfectly with his eyes closed and masterchef Ukraine, so I’m feeling pretty good 🙂

Filets de Turbot Dugléré

Filets de Turbot Dugléré

Not sure if you can see it here, but my plate was so hot that some of the sauce on the top right edge of the plate in the photo began bubbling… oops.

Oh, and a small detail, instead of brill we actually used turbot.  I think.  It’s kind of hard to tell but apparently with turbot the skin is smooth both ways and with brill it’s not (or was it the other way round?).  Not a big difference in any case – the way they’re filleted are similar, since they’re both flat fish.  And they’re both very very slimy so I suggest you keep some paper towels at hand.

Here’s the recipe, if you’d be so inclined:

P.S. I have another blog post coming up about my visit to Centre Pompidou on Wednesday, but seeing as it’s a huge museum the post is also really long, so be patient!  The reason LCB posts are much easier to do is because I type up the recipes as soon as I get home so that I can remember them.

P.P.S. The next LCB upload should be deep-fried jumbo shrimp with cheese soufflé! I’m super excited and you should be to.


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