Le Cordon Bleu Basic: Tronçons de Colin Pochés, Sauce Hollandaise/Poached Hake Steaks with Hollandaise Sauce

A relatively easy recipe today – the hardest part was the Hollandaise Sauce, which is a pain to make (and really hard on the forearms). Turning the vegetables was kind of annoying too, but I’ve been practicing with carrots, and carrots are a lot harder (in both senses of the word) than zucchinis and potatoes, which are both soft vegetables.

Overall, things went well – the chef said that my vegetables were underseasoned (makes sense, I forgot to season when I cooked it in butter), and my potatoes were slightly undercooked. Other than that, my sauce was almost too zesty, but the fish was good.

Tronçons de Colin Pochés, Sauce Hollandaise

I think that the plate was lacking some color, and personally I didn’t think it was that cook (poached fish is kind of bland), but I thought my sauce wasn’t bad.  Here’s how I did it!



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