Le Cordon Bleu Basic – Paupiettes de Veau/Stuffed Veal Rolls with Glazed Vegetables

Today, for the first time ever, I finished dead last.  Which is really depressing, because I’m usually 3rd/4th out of 10.  I blame it on turning carrots (which is ridiculously hard), but honestly I think it’s just because I was really really disorganized.  I need to work on that.  I finished presenting my dish 15 minutes before the end of class, and thank goodness that the chef said that everything was good, but I’m still trying to figure out where I messed up.

Chef's Paupiette de Veau

Chef’s Paupiette de Veau

I didn’t even have the time to take a picture, but on the way home I bought 1 kilo of carrots and practiced turning them (1 kilo of carrots = 11 little turned carrots), because the only way I’ll get better at this is through practice.  I’m currently munching on carrot trimmings in lieu of candy.  It’s a pretty healthy snack, and it’s much cheaper and more filling than candy.  A kilo of carrots is less than 1 euro, and 250 g of candy is anywhere 1 and 3 euros, so I might be doing this a lot more.  I don’t even just have to practice turning carrots.  I can practice my brunoise and julienne and paysanne and just finely cutting things by doing this.

So anyway, I got home with what was left of my veal rolls and the sauce, and I turned some carrots, cooked some broccoli and some rice, and ate that for dinner.  Here’s that:

My home-made paupiettes de veau with broccoli and turned carrots

My home-made paupiettes de veau with broccoli and turned carrots

The broccoli was cooked à l’anglaise (boiling salt water), and then flavored with the sauce that I had left over.  I’ll be quite honest, this might have tasted better than the actual dish 😛

But anyway, here’s the recipe for the chef’s version.  Warning: turning vegetables, especially carrots, is hard!

Paupiettes de Veau Bourgeoise/Stuffed Veal Rolls with Glazed Vegetables

Preheat oven to 180˚C

Ingrédients principaux

  • 6 fines escalopes de veau de 60g net chacune
  1. Flatten between parchment paper that has been moistened.

Farce à paupiette

  • 1 cuillière à soupe de graisse d’oie
  • 2 échalotes ciselées finements
  • 1 gousse d’ail hachée
  • 100g de champignons hachés
  • 30g de jambon de pays haché
  • 1 cuillière à soupe de crème
  • 100g de veau haché
  • 10 g de mie de pain, rehydrated with milk
  • 50g de lard gras
  • 3 mL Armagnac
  • sel, poivre
  • 1kg de bande de gras de porc pour enrouler les paupiettes
  1. With some heated goose fat, fry your shallots
  2. Cook your mushrooms (without stems) with bay leaf on a low heat
  3. Sauté, then strain, your cured ham
  4. Rehydrate your breadcrumbs with some milk
  5. Mix your shallots, garlic, mushrooms, cured ham, ground veal, ground pork shoulder, breadcrumbs, fatback, and Armagnac in a large bowl, and season accordingly
  6. Wrap your stuffing with your veal slices, wrap with fatback strips, tie up with string, then lightly flour both sides and color them with goose fat.


  • 200g de mirepoix (50g de carottes, 100g d’oignons, 50g de céleri)
  • parures de veau
  • 3 tomates entières, mondées et pépinées
  • 1 cuillère à soupe de concentré de tomates
  • 2 gousses d’ail
  • 1 bouquet garni
  • 50 mL d’armagnac
  • 300mL de fond de veau brun lié
  • 30g de farine pour colorer les paupiettes
  • beurre, huile
  • sel, poivre, eau
  1. Once your paupiettes are colord, add in your mirepoix, and allow to cook for a while
  2. Add in your tomato paste and mix carefully
  3. Add in your Armagnac, flambé it, then add in your tomatoes, mushroom stems, veal trimmings (if any), garlic. Singer (add flour), and toast that flour for a little bit
  4. Add some veal stock, bring to boil, then cover with parchment paper and a grille and put into your oven for about 20min.  Check with your needle (to see if the center is hot)


  • 20 petites carottes tourneys et glacées
  • 20 petits oignons glacés à brun
  1. Turn your carrots, and use your trimmings for the mirepoix
  2. Glaze mini onions and turned carrots with water, butter, and salt.  Once everything is added, cover them with parchment paper and allow to simmer.
  3. Allow the bottom to caramelize a bit, then add some water and roll around to deglaze.  Repeat until you get the desired color.

Final steps:

  1. Strain your sauce twice, remove grease ad begin reducing
  2. Cut the string and remove the fat from your veal paupiettes
  3. Plate your dish (garnish, veal paupiette in two, small quantity of sauce, which should be thick and tasty!)
  4. Enjoy!


Here’s to never being so slow in the kitchen again.


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