Le Cordon Bleu Basic: Poulet Rôti et son Jus/Roasted Chicken and its juice with Garden-Style Vegetables on an Artichoke

This was a fun one, but the chicken’s skin cracked a bit because of the oven (and not enough basting!).  Got a lot of burns, but the chef said that overall everything was good – just my artichoke was a bit undercooked and my juice was a bit too greasy.  Man, burns hurt, I’m scared that one of these blisters are going to burn when I’m working D: Once again, I forgot to take a photo before I presented it to the chef.. sigh


Poulet Rôti, son jus, et Jardinière de légumes

Here’s how to do it!  The steps are kind of all over the place as the dishes get a bit more complicated (this was the first thing we did that had a side), so it’s up to you to organize how everything is done so everything comes out the same time!

Note: be careful when you take your chicken out of the oven: the plate is hot. 😉


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