Le Cordon Bleu Basic: Saumon Grillé, Beurre Émulsionné à la Ciboulette, Épinards Sautés, Pommes Byron/Grilled Salmon, Emulsified Butter Sauce, Sautéed Spinach, Byron Potatoes

This was a pretty easy dish (relative to the chicken, which I made this morning).  Comments: Salmon was just barely overcooked (and there were still a couple of bones in them! D:), sauce was good, Byron potatoes were good, sauce was excellent.  Pretty successful seeing as I was pooped from a day of classes, and the griddles were not very cooperative.

I actually remembered to take a photo before I presented it!

Saumon Grillé, Beurre Émulsionné, Épinards Sautés, Pommes Byron

Saumon Grillé, Beurre Émulsionné, Épinards Sautés, Pommes Byron

Yummy!  Here’s how it was done – once again the steps are kind of all over the place so it’s up to you to organize yourself well and finish quickly!


And now I have half a roast chicken and two salmon steaks just sitting in my fridge waiting for me to eat. 🙂



    1. 4 pavés de saumon de 130g avec peau ou 4 darnes de saumon de 150 g brut chacune
      4 salmon filets with skin (130g each) or 4 salmon steaks (150g each)
      20 mL d’huile d’arachide
      20 mL peanut oil
      gros sel de Guérande
      coarse salt
      30 mL d’eau
      30 mL water
      jus de ½ citron (probably less)
      juice of half lemon
      sel, poivre de Cayenne
      salt, cayenne pepper
      100g de beurre froid
      100g cold butter
      1 botte de ciboulette
      1 bunch of chives
      1kg d’épinards en branches
      1kg spinach
      sel, poivre
      salt, pepper
      500g de grosses pommes de terre (Bintje)
      500g of potatoes
      50 g de beurre
      50g butter
      sel, noix de muscade
      salt, nutmeg
      2 jaunes d’oeufs
      2 egg yolks
      50 mL de crème
      50 mL cream
      150 mL de lait
      150 mL milk
      30g de beurre manié
      30 g kneaded butter (equals parts butter and flour, similar to a roux, but not cooked)
      50g de gruyère râpé
      50 g grated Gruyère

      Here you go!

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