Le Cordon Blue Basic: Consommé aux Brunoises

Today we made a relatively simple soup – Consommé aux brunoises, or a consommé with vegetable brunoises (that’s a translation, super helpful, I know).  Basically, a consommé is a type of soup that comes from a marmite, a stock, or bouillon, but has been clarified thoroughly.  For mine we had a marmite, so it was incredibly rich: there was a whole hen, beef bones, veal bones, and a whole lot of vegetables included in the cooking process which lasted about 4 hours (we didn’t have to do that part).  Anyway, here’s the final product:


Consommé aux Brunoises

Which doesn’t look that impressive/tasty, but believe me this soup was rich.  On the side there’s also a cheese straw, un allumettes au fromage, which was made from a puff pastry.

Here’s the recipe/how to do it:

More to come soon!  Tomorrow we’re learning poulet rôti – roast chicken – and we’re making it on Friday!  So stoked.


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